We live in a world where violent crimes against people are at an all-time high. No one is safe, be it their home, office or car. The statistics that prove all these facts are alarming, staggering and profound! Everyone should be capable and equipped enough to protect themselves, their loved ones and if possible, the people around themselves in case of an assault or crime. It is not only our right to protect ourselves but also our duty if we can afford it.

The most number of crimes that are recorded in the past few years are on the road, that could be walking on the road, while driving or riding in a cab or any other public transport. You need to be weaponized with effective self-defense weapons like California shotguns, pocket knives, tasers or pepper sprays in order to stop the attacker in its tracks.

There is no way you can predict when someone can attack you or you’re under a threat. In situations like these, you are the only one who can help yourself so you must be fully equipped to do so.

Having physical training or learning self-defense moves are also a great way but most of the times when you are under attack, there isn’t much room to move so you need something that you can grab and use. On the other hand, most of the self defense weapons require little to no training, anyone can use them and keeping them is also safe and easy.

Weapons like handguns San Diego may be difficult to acquire but once you have your hands on it, you will feel the confidence it will give you from within. These are also great for keeping in your car, in the purse or in the drawer of your home.

The self-defense industry is blooming just like the crimes around the world, so today we are going to learn about 7 such self-defense weapons that will have you protected in your car as well as in other places, so let’s get you protected.

The 7 Most Effective Self-Defense Weapons To Keep In Your Car

1.Tasers or Stun Gun

Both stun guns and tasers give a nasty shock which is effective enough to incapacitate the assailant and gives you a chance to run away from the situation. Even though both these weapons work in a similar way, like that to give a shock there are minor differences between the two.

The stun gun has to be in contact with the skin of the attacker in order for it to deliver the shock but tasers don’t need to come in contact with their skin, it will work on clothes as well giving the victim a better chance of executing the defense move. The stun guns can be disguised as pens, flashlights and even lipsticks whereas the tasers are in their original form. In between stun guns and tasers, tasers definitely are stronger and more impactful.

2.Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is probably the most popular self-defense weapon among them all. It is popular for a very good reason, its impact on the criminal. When it comes to a self-defense weapon for a car, the pepper spray is the best as it is compact, requires no skill, is very budget friendly and has no lawful rules and regulations.

Pepper spray is sprayed directly on the face of the attacker which irritates the eyes, skin, mouth and lungs eventually stopping from the assault.


Now you may have expected the guns to top the list, right? Well there is nothing more impactful, powerful, effective and efficient than California shotguns or handguns San Diego. These guns have a terror of their own which makes any assaulter step back as it instantly brings you on an equal level.

The handguns can be kept in your purse or in the car holsters or in the dashboard or in the console of the cars. Guns are the best self-defense weapon for not only the cars but also for home, office or on the go. But having said that, they also come with its own set of limitations as firing a gun will always involve police, these need training and investment and are not that budget friendly.

4.Tactical Flashlight

Tactical flashlight world on a very simple formula, if the attacker can’t see you, there will be no attack, right? Well, tactical flashlight is a great self-defense tool to be kept in your car, it works in a simple way- you just have to point it directly in the eyes of the attacker while temporarily blind him/her making them startled enough to give you a chance to run away. This light is not only for blindly attacking your attacker it also brightens up a dark alley allowing you to find your way out to an unknown area or place.

The tactical flashlight is made up of a high quality material that will last you a long time. You can keep it in your car or in your purse and retrieve it in a jiffy. It is also budget friendly, requires no training and has no rules or regulations!

5.Tactical Knife

If there is any weapon that is intimidating enough after a gun then it has to be a knife. A tactical knife enables you to defend yourself against multiple types of situations when under an attack or assault. It is compact, powerful, effective, budget friendly, easy to use and requires little to no skill.

A tactical knife is also very easy to conceal and can be kept at different places in your car which makes it quick to retrieve whenever you feel threatened. I would highly recommend keeping a knife with yourself at all times along with pepper spray or California shotguns.

Ending Lines

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